UK Centre for Astrobiology

Board Members

The UKCA Board is responsible for the local running of the UKCA.

Charles Cockell, Director, School of Physics and Astronomy

Cait MacPhee, School of Physics and Astronomy

Beth Biller Institute for Astronomy

Ken Rice,  Institute for Astronomy

Colin Pulham, School of Chemistry

David Dryden, School of Chemistry

Dave Melotte, UK Astronomy Technology Centre

Thierry Le Bihan, School of Biological Sciences

The UK Steering Committee oversees the links between UKCA and wider community of astrobiologists in the UK.

Mark Sims, University of Leicester

Nigel Mason, Open University

Lewis Dartnell, University of Leicester

Ian Crawford, Birkbeck College

Terry Kee, University of Leeds

Duncan Forgan, University of St Andrews

Manish Patel, Open University