UK Centre for Astrobiology

Building Habitable Worlds

Building Habitable Worlds is an event for early-career astrobiology researchers.

Building Habitable Worlds is an annual one-day meeting for early career scientists with an interest in astrobiology, providing an opportunity for networking and expressing your views on the future and direction of astrobiology research in the UK. The focus of the meeting is to allow for the formation of collaborations between early-stage researchers, specifically considering contributions to the wider community.

Building Habitable Worlds was instigated by early career scientists at The University of Edinburgh in 2014, and is supported by the UK Centre for Astrobiology and the Astrobiology Society of Britain. Building Habitable Worlds was first held in Edinburgh in February 2014, with the second meeting in Glasgow in spring 2015, before returning to Edinburgh in February 2017. Future meetings will be held every other year in Edinburgh, and every other year in a different city.

Building Habitable Worlds 2018 - MSSL

The location for the 2018 meeting is the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, set in the rolling Surrey countryside. The meeting will focus on instrumentation for astrobiology.

Details of the next Building Habitable Worlds meeting will be available soon.


The ideas discussed at Building Habitable Worlds meetings have so far generated the following publications:

  • Stevens, A., Forgan, D., and O’Malley James, J. (2016) Observational signatures of self-destructive civilizations. International Journal of Astrobiology 15:333-344.
  • Early-career astrobiologists forge links in Edinburgh. Astronomy & Geophysics 2014; 55 (3): 3.7. doi: 10.1093/astrogeo/atu103