UK Centre for Astrobiology

Astrobiology and Philosophy

We have an interest in linking astrobiology to major questions that intersect with philosophy or sociology

The UKCA has led workshops focusing on the human exploration of space and the links with philosophy.

From 2013 to 2015 it organised three workshops in collaboration with the British Interplanetary Society considering the conditions for liberty beyond Earth, seeking to advance the field of political philosophy into extraterrestrial liberty. These workshops led to three volumes of essays published by Springer as part of its Space and Society Series.

The three books are:

The Meaning of Liberty Beyond Earth

Human Govenance Beyond Earth - Implications for Freedom

Dissent, Revolution and Liberty Beyond Earth

The UKCA is generally interested in engaging in collaborations and discussions at the interface between astrobiology and philosophy and particularly in political philosophy which deals with the problems of the human exploration of space.