UK Centre for Astrobiology

Life in Extremes

We conduct research into life in extreme environments and its application to astrobiology.

The UKCA's core academic interest is the study of life in extreme environments and its application to understanding the habitability of planets.

Its projects over the years have been diverse, but current interests include:

  • The study of the response and adaptations of microorganisms to extreme environments, including the physics that underpins these adaptations.
  • The study of the habitability of aqueous extraterestrial environments, including Mars and icy worlds.
  • The study of the preservation of biomarkers in extreme conditions, including extraterrestrial environments.
  • The colonisation of planetary rocky crusts (geobiology) and the way in which organisms adapt to and get preserved in rocky planetary environments.
  • The response of microorganisms to multiple extremes and modeling the response of organisms to multiple extreme environments.