Seminars and Events

Building Habitable Worlds 3 

(21st February 2017, UKCA, CSEC, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh)

The third Early Career Astrobiology meeting
Building Habitable Worlds is an annual one-day meeting for early career scientists with an interest in astrobiology. The day will consist of a mixture of talks and group discussions, providing an opportunity for networking and expressing your views on the future and direction of astrobiology research in the UK.

Scottish Planetary Science Network 

(22nd February, National Museum Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh)

First meeting of SPERO
This one-day meeting, hosted by the University of Edinburgh and National Museums Scotland, is aimed at those within Scottish institutes with an interest in planetary science. Researchers, at all career stages, are encouraged to showcase their research at this meeting. Details on abstract submission for both talks and posters will be provided at a later date.

For further enquiries, please contact:
Hanna Landenmark( or Nicci Potts (


You can access information on past meetings and events hosted by UKCA here.



2016-2017 SCHEDULE

Name Affiliation Title Time Date Location
Beth Healey  ESA White Mars – Surviving Antarctica  1:30pm 4th October 2016 Room 4325B JCMB
Cyrus Larijani National Physics Laboratory  TBC  1:30pm 1st November 2016 Room 4325B JCMB
Lotta Purkamo  St. Andrews University  TBC  1:30pm 6th December 2016 Room 4325B JCMB
Fabio Nudelman  University of Edinburgh  TBC  1:30pm 17th January 2017 CSEC Seminar Room JCMB
Manish Patel  The Open University  TBC  1:30pm 7th February 2017 Room 4325B JCMB
Inge ten Kate  Utrecht University  TBC  1:30pm 7th March 2017 Room 4325B JCMB
Liane Benning German Research Center for Geosciences  TBC  1:30pm 4th April 2017 Room 4325B JCMB


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