Seminars and Events


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2016-2017 SCHEDULE

Name Affiliation Title Time Location
 Beth Healey  ESA  TBC  1:30pm  4th October 2016
 Cyrus Larijani  National Physics Laboratory  TBC  1:30pm  1st November 2016
 Lotta Purkamo  St. Andrews University  TBC  1:30pm  6th December 2016
 Fabio Nudelman  University of Edinburgh  TBC  1:30pm  17th January 2017
 Manish Patel  The Open University  TBC  1:30pm  7th February 2017
 Inge ten Kate  Utrecht University  TBC  1:30pm  7th March 2017
 Liane Benning  German Research Center for Geosciences  TBC  1:30pm  4th April 2017


No Events