Centre begins underground test of space technologies

From April 1-4 the Centre will lead phase II of its space analogue research programme. Using the underground lab established by the centre with the Boulby Underground science laboratory (STFC), MINAR II will test the integration and use of space instruments including PanCam, Raman, XRF and SPLIT in the mining environment. As well as learning out how to improve instruments for space missions, MINAR also seeks to advance the translation of technology from the space to the mining industry and use this technology to investigate life in deep subsurface environments. A full summary of the MINAR plans can be found here.


Calling High School Students and Teachers! Astrobiology Summer Academy 2014

The Astrobiology Summer Academy 2014 has now received funding support from STFC and the UK Space Agency.


The 2014 session in July will include a week summer academy for high school students and a three day astrobiology course for teachers.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for teachers will include the writing of astrobiology lesson plans which will be made available to UK schools and internationally.


If you are a student interested in attending the summer academy or a teacher interested in taking part in the CPD Astrobiology course, you can register at www.astrobiologyacademy.org