Astrobiology Impact

Primary to Secondary Transition Activities

Our primary to secondary school transition materials developed in association with RAiSE (Raising Aspirations in Science Education).


The UK Centre for Astrobiology have worked alongside Raising Aspirations in Science Education (RAiSE) to link astrobiology into the Scottish curriculum with transition activities between Primary and Secondary levels.


These have been split into 5 different sections relating to the most important topics within astrobiology:




Detection of Life Elsewhere

These activites base around how we might be able to detect life on other planets.












These activities introduce exoplanets and ways that we can detect them.











Habitability of Earth and Other Planets

These activities investigate what makes a planet habitable.











Life in Extreme Environments

These activities look at life in 'extreme environments' and how this may help us in the

search for life beyond the Earth.










Origin of Life

These activities take a look at possible explanations to the origin of life.