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Selected outreach

April 2023: Sean and Mia featured in the BBC's Sky at Night television programme: The Search for Alien Life.

March 2022: Sean speaks at the Oxford Union


Selected recent press

March 2023: Press release: "Fossil site is 'Rosetta Stone' for understanding early life".

  Coverage: Express, Sciences Avenir, The National, Yahoo! News

January 2022: Sean quoted in New Scientist: "Bacteria survive extremes that may have existed in ancient Mars lakes" by Chen Ly.

November 2021: Press release: "Life on Mars search could be misled by false fossils".

  Coverage: The IndependentForbes, MSN, Cosmos Magazine, Daily Mail, The Register

May 2021: Sean quoted in: "Signs of Ancient Microbial Life Abundant in Earth's Crust: Study" by Catherine Offord @ The Scientist.

February 2021: Sean quoted in New Scientist: "Deepest land-dwelling microbes found at bottom of 5km hole in China" by Colin Barras [paywall].

February 2021: Sean quoted in: "Fossil mimics may be more common in ancient rocks than actual fossils" by Carolyn Gramling @ Science News.

January 2021: Press release: "Fossils shed light on puzzle that vexed Darwin".

  Coverage: IFLScience

January 2020: Press release: "A new target in the search for life on Mars?".

November 2019: Press release: "Solving fossil mystery could aid Mars life quest".

   Coverage: Daily Mail, The Conversation

October 2018: Sean quoted in "Life thrives within Earth's crust" by Catherine Offord @ The Scientist.

May 2018: Press release: "Mars rocks may harbour signs of life".

   Coverage: Newsweek, MSN News, Air & Space Magazine


Sean's blog

3rd August 2022: New work: origins, habitability, false biosignatures

13th July 2021: New collaboration: philosophy of astrobiology

28th October 2020: Astrobiology before astrobiologists

18th October 2020: New paper: could we find life's fingerprints in mineral veins on Mars?