UK Centre for Astrobiology

Space Microbiology Group

Description of the Space Microbiology Group, led by Rosa Santomartino.

The Space Microbiology Group, led by Rosa Santomartino, studies how microorganisms behave in space conditions at the UK Centre for Astrobiology, University of Edinburgh. Our aim is to use tools such as microbiology, molecular biology, system biology and geomicrobiology to learn how new biotechnologies could be applied to space, in order to support sustainable space exploration, and how these could inform terrestrial technologies to solve key environmental issues on Earth.

We are particularly interested in understanding how to use microbes to support in situ resource utilization (ISRU), bioregenerative life support systems (BLSS) and waste upcycling in space.

The Group works in collaboration with Wallace Lab and SynthSys, and is part of the Science for Sustainability Hub and Bio-based Manufacturing in Space of the University of Edinburgh.