UK Centre for Astrobiology


We have carried out a wide diversity of research in areas that link planetary/space sciences to biological sciences. Our efforts are organised into several themes shown below.

Habitability and the Limits of Life

This theme investigates biology at the limits and habitability.

Astrobiology in Deep Time

This theme investigates ancient biosignatures and the intersection between astrobiology and palaeontology

Space Microbiology and Biomanufacturing

This theme investigates microbiology in space for fundamental science and to advance human settlement beyond Earth

Subsurface Astrobiology

This theme is focused around an astrobiology lab at 1 km depth at the Boulby Mine, UK.

Astrobiology Analogue Research

This theme cuts across a number of other other themes and emphasises the use of 'analogue' environments to study microbiology, biosignatures, habitability and test technology for the robotic and human exploration of space in a variety of extreme environments.

Exoplanet Astrobiology

This theme encapsulates our interest in exoplanets, their habitability and ability to support life.

Astrobiology and Human Society

This theme broadly encompasses projects and work that has linked astrobiology to questions that intersect with human governance beyond Earth and philosophy.