Astrobiology Impact

Astrobiology in the Classroom Lesson Plans

The Astrobiology Academy produces lesson plans from its activities that cover a wide range of astrobiology subjects (“Astrobiology in the Classroom”).

You can download the PDF of our latest ‘Astrobiology in the Classroom’ lesson plans here:



The objective of these lesson plans is to teach curriculum science using the backdrop of astrobiology to encourage critical thinking, excitement and interest in many of the sciences that cut across the interdisciplinary nature of astrobiology, including physics, biology, chemistry, geosciences and astronomy.

These lesson plans are not rigid. Consistent feedback from teachers has been that the lesson plans should be sufficiently flexible and contain content that can be modified to fit different needs and lessons, but not so well defined that they are inflexible. We try to strike a balance in writing them. We also welcome feedback on them.

To ensure their widest possible availability, we also share these resources on the TES website. You can search for these lesson plans by using the search term ‘astrobiologyacademy’ or ‘astrobiology’ (the latter term will bring up other astrobiology resources). The link to TES Resources is here.