UK Centre for Astrobiology


The UK Centre for Astrobiology offers an undergraduate course at the University of Edinburgh and an online course via Coursera.

Undergraduate Astrobiology

The Centre has been behind a pre-Honours Astrobiology course offered to all Schools across the University (PHYS08051) since the 2013/2014 academic year. It attracted 199 students in the 2016/2017 academic year. It typically has attracted students from 11 schools across the University

 It provides a grounding in all sciences with the focus on the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the Universe.

A general summary of the course is below.

On-line Astrobiology

The Centre developed and implemented an on-line Astrobiology course with Coursera as one of six courses developed by the University. It was first offered in 2012 and by 2016, 120,000 students globally had taken the course. The five-week course can be taken on demand at any time.

The Edinburgh on-line Astrobiology Course.

Astrobiology Textbook

Charles Cockell has written a textbook that can be used to teach an undergraduate astrobiology course.

The book and further resources are available here.